2NE1 to become the first girl group to hold a world tour


It has been announced  that 2NE1, a girl group that has already achieved domestic popularity, will become the first girl group to hold a world tour!

The world tour, entitled ‘NEW EVOLUTION‘, will start in Seoul, South Korea, specifically at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, from July 28th to 29th. It is planned that 2NE1 will make stops in 10 cities among 7 countries located in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Although with the growing popularity of the KPop Wave there have been boy bands that have held their own world tours before, for a Korean girl group, this will be the first. Because no other girl group has made this grand attempt before, 2NE1′s announcement is drawing more and more attention.

Ever since their debut in 2009, 2NE1 has been receiving a lot of fans in Korea and also abroad. They have also completed their first concert in Korea as well as in Japan with their arena tour, where they gathered more than 70,000 audience member.

2NE1 will be holding the tour with Live Nation, whom their sunbae group, Big Bang, is already collaborating with for their own world tour.

A representative from YG Entertainment has commented, “2NE1′s ‘NEW EVOLUTION’ world tour will be even better than 2NE1′s past concerts, as the members will be able to show off their abilities and a more evolved performance through it.”

“Presently, there are 10 cities among 7 countries scheduled; as representatives of foreign countries receive the news of 2NE1′s world tour and more requests are put in for 2NE1′s appearance, the possibilities of more concert locations being added are high.”

Tickets for 2NE1′s first concert in Seoul for the ‘NEW EVOLUTION’ world tour will be available on June 26th via Gmarket.

Blackjacks, are you ready?

Source + Photo: Nate

Via : allkpop


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